30W LED bulbs for cars

The lamps are very good, very bright and white light. One drawback - both burned out after a couple of weeks.
Bought davich these bulbs. The seller shipped fast enough. We walked a little over a month. Put almost immediately.
Before that, there were also LED lamps, but 5 watts (I definitely can’t say, they put it in the service a year ago, there are no signs on the lamps). Read More

Handheld game console, MP3, MP4 player KO W6000

Hello. I offer a description of the game console from the company KO purchased on Ali.
Parcel wandered to me for a very long time, like everything in thisyear. More than 45 days. The box arrived without much bruising. Inside were the console itself, the USB cable and headphones in a sealed bag. I must say right away that the headphones are good; Read More

Russian alarm STARLINE B92 DIALOG directly from the expanses of China

There has not yet been a review of this product, and therefore, it’s premiere on the MYSKU.ru channel
So! Russian car alarm made in China. The product is original, so the quality is consistent with the original.
Who thinks to take TAKE ONE. Further purchase history. a lot of photos and text under the spoilers. Read More

Free Shipping -, Car bags, Car backpack, Baby backpack, kid’s Bags, School Bags, S / M / L size children’s Backpack, gift for children

Hello again!
This time I decided to write a review of the children's backpack in the form of “Lightning McQueen”, because the son drags himself from this cartoon like a boa in glass wool.
So - the package went to me for exactly a month. Came in this form:

I ordered the size "M" for a child with a height of 106 cm. Inside the package of polyethylene and a bubble bag there is a backpack itself:

It looks like a full backpack (filled with plastic bags):

The backpack doesn't smell anything sharp. Read More

Turns relay

Received turn signal relay from China, delivery time 3 weeks. Designed for motorcycles and mopeds, but can also be used for cars.
Testing with a conventional and LED lamp showedexcellent work, the frequency varies widely. The description on the site stated 2x21vt + 4vt., Which caused doubt, so I decided to open it and get acquainted with the elements and circuitry. Read More