Phone holder for car Floveme. For those who love one left *

(* or right). I mean, the phone can be put and removed with one hand. At the same time, it is reliably strengthened, like the holder itself. Even more reliable than a spring clip. How is this possible? We will see.
A parcel arrived with a cardboard box. Here it is in photo 1.

Inside the package, that's it.

Inside the bag is the holder itself, but disassembled in 3 parts: the holder itself, fasteners on the ventilation grill and a fixing nut. Read More

Phone holder in a car and more.

Hello everybody. For a long time I did not write anything, then there was no mood, then I did not buy anything interesting. But it seems like they soon promised spring), even the sun is shining and plus I bought a mount for a phone, a review of which I have not seen. In general, I bought it in my car, but since it is still standing, I use it while at home, which I will tell you a little about. Read More

Primus BRS12

Hello. I offer a review of the Chinese primus received recently.
He walked for a rather long time, 40 days. Despite the fact that the packaging was an ordinary mail bubble bag, the box came almost unremarkable.

Primus rested in a cloth case, closed in a circle with lightning. Read More

Where are neodymium magnets used and how do they work, their unusual properties, use in everyday life and on an oil filter, verification of the theory that aluminum is magnetized

I got a funny idea of ​​using magnets, I decided to buy, try / share the result
updated 18.02 - photos were added at the end of the review, with confirmation of the magnetic field inside the filter
In the store, the set is positioned just like for filtering oils on cars and motor vehicles - most likely just a trick of course, to increase sales
It seems that the idea is not new in the automatic transmission. Magnets are used to collect “chips,” however, it didn’t come across to use engine oil cleaning ...
TTX from the store
Diameter: 15mm / 0.47 "
Thickness: 2.5mm / 0.11 "
Coating: Rare Earth Magnets
Quantity: 10 pcs. I got about the same

The magnets are really “strong” - almost a kg was obtained by breaking from a metal cover (in a plastic bag)

On the store page there are photos of the options for the intended application

... and very "beautiful" results of use :))) (I wonder what they were doing with the engine !?

Not to say that I strongly believed in "suchbeauty ”, but it can certainly collect something (theoretically) ... I decided to do an experiment, probably not even for myself, but for lovers of“ crazy hands ”on mysku
The thing, as you know, is not fast. Read More