New Permanent Match Striker Lighters w Key Chain Silver Gasoline lighter.

Hello readers muski ..))
A small overview of recently arrived lighters.
For impatient: For hiking, you can take.
The rest under the cat ...
I ordered three pieces. For yourself and for friends.
I love fishing and outdoor recreation. I lost lighters several times and there were problems with kindling a barbecue grill or a bonfire (here's a campaign from the crowd of people who smoke only me.)
Well, actually a review. Read More

knife sharpener

there was a desire to sharpen quality knives. because it’s rather difficult to hold the bar at the right angle, and for some reason it seemed to make the device itself longer than paying $ 20 I decided to purchase a sharpener.
aliexpress offered 2 options for sharpeners - stainless steel and plastic. Read More

Custom T-shirt with Aliexpress

An almost successful attempt to order T-shirts with an individual design on Aliexpress.
First, a little background

My wife and I are making games. This is all at the hobby level, we have released only one game and now we are doing the second.
We decided to show this new game at a game convention - a festival dedicated to games, comics, cosplay, etc. Read More

UNI-T UT210E clamp meter at a delicious price (~ $ 26) (promotion ended)

Clamp Meter UNI-T UT210E
A good tool for which there have already been reviews here and here
The regular price for this product on AliExpress, and on other sites, fluctuates around 40USD. Occasionally, slightly falls.
Of the key advantages:
- non-contact measurement of small constant (and variable) currents (units of milliamps)
- high enough accuracy
- small dimensions
- powered by two AAA elements
At the moment, a promotion is underway at the UNIT Official Store, under which the price of this product is one of the lowest, with free shipping. Read More

How to use a spirograph, why it is needed and whether it is worth buying, a review of a children's toy, a photo of the DIY drawing process with Spirograph

Briefly about the main thing ...
Spirograph - a children's toy, inventedBritish engineer Denis Fisher in 1962 while working on fuses for air bombs. It consists of a plastic plate with cut out circles of different diameters and a set of wheels of a smaller diameter with holes inside. Read More

Pet Care Products (20% off)

Nobody bought pet care products on Ali?
Found a store, there is a discount on goods.
Of the interesting - $ 2.34 care gloves.
Are there any other options…
Discount in the store with pet products 20%.
An additional 5% when adding a store to your favorites.
The goods are interesting, if you want, you can pick up something useful. Read More

Instructions on how to assemble a Pentacle Cube - QIYI MoFangGe Pentacle Cube

February 23 - not in vain! From the victory over the Czechs to the completion of the collection.
The cube is functional, the packaging is presentable, the delivery is fast, everyone is happy. I recommend to purchase.
Anyone interested in the details, welcome to cat.
Installation - stop giving me all your garbage on February 23rd, give me MY FIGHN better - and this time it worked. Read More

Moisture-proof pad automatic inflatable cushion broadened thickening 5cm outdoor cushion sleeping pad

Good afternoon, dear outdoor enthusiasts. I want to share with you my experience in buying a very interesting product to improve comfort when arriving in nature.
This is my first review, so please do not kick much.
I think it’s not worth describing all the positive and negative sides of self-inflated rugs. Read More