Really helpful * anti-snore device - Ifrared Rays Snore Gone Stopper Watch Stopping Snore.

Really helpful * anti-snore device - Ifrared Rays Snore Gone Stopper Watch Stopping Snore.
* - When conducting tests on one experimental person, that is me.
This story began a long time ago. My wife said that I snore in a dream. Spoke probably, I do not hear my snoring. ) But I took it seriously after the syndrome was added to snoring apnea in a dream lasting more than 20 seconds. Read More

Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner in three acts

They often wrote about vacuum cleaning robots.
Here I hope my review will be "great"
1 - why (in pictures)
2 - what's the catch of this model
3 - preparation - nervous not to look!
1 - Why robot vacuum cleaner.
Of course, he will not replace the manual cleaning - therefore the majority of pessimists.
But when I ordered his mother all the same, the wife began to grumble that “and we need to never get out”, in the end, as he had planned, the test run began with us. Read More

Sandalwood comb (as an alternative to brass)

Having tried many razors (disposable,electro, and even a nice copy of the glorious Merkur Futur) it was decided to become more mature and wiser and grow a beard ... at the behest of the fate broke his right arm, and therefore could not shave with a machine. And I didn’t want to take an electric razor - after a good machine loaded with aster
A beard is solid. Read More

Powerbank under the Li-ion 1 × 18650 in the form of a cylinder. [output 5V / 0.9 A]

This case is for self-assemblypowerbank-a, if it can be called assembly-insert the battery under the forces of even a 5-year-old child. I ordered it two months ago in time for the fishing opening season. I shoot a lot of video on an action camera and changing batteries is simply not once and generally uncomfortable, especially when you have wet hands or they are in fish. Read More

The controller with the timer, budgetary for solar batteries.

I bought an excellent controller for street lighting, the controller came quickly.
There are no problems in work, previously I bought a similar sample that worked perfectly for a long time! rating 5 of 5
I hasten to celebrate the excellent work with car batteries! For more than a year of work, the battery has not lost its characteristics, and never boiled! Read More

Mens pants

Men's trousers. very thin, for the summer just a great option. I will not write much, but I will say that it is worth taking)))
Something similar is in Adidas and Nike, that is such a fabric. The price is about 1000 rubles. and there are only 300 with a penny))) Description matches the picture. Read More

Cycle components, 6 positions.

By the beginning of this season, there was a desire to refreshappearance of a two-wheeled friend. Made a list of what I want and began to look in what store you can buy everything at once. On aliexpress I found a bicycle shop with affordable prices and no choice.
Were bought:
-A set of shirts for cables + cables for brakes $ 18.95;
-A pair of brake rotors $ 27.37;
-Removing wheel $ 16.84;
-Seat pin $ 15.79;
- Clamp the seatpost $ 6.89;
Horns $ 14.74. Read More