Case-card wallet with protection against reading (scanning) - RFID blocking, why such a wallet, a lock device in a purse

Every day of cash in your pocketbecoming smaller, now 99% of stores and institutions providing services accept bank cards for payment. Since simply carrying cards in your pocket is “not an option”, I decided to look for a wallet / holder / pocket / wallet (call anyone as you like) for cards. Read More

T12 Soldering Station on STM32

So I decided, having read rave reviews, to try soldering iron on T12 tips.
What came out of this review
I decided to buy a ready-made station, or rather even a complete set completely ready for use: station, pen, sting, rosin, solder :).
To buy, as is often accepted here, in parts andI had no desire nor time to experience the thrill of assembly, the expectation of sending parts from different parts of the earth and the resending of faulty elements - large-scale soldering work was ahead and it was impossible to delay them. Read More

Hexacopter JJRC H20C is a good start, but a sad end.

Once I had experience buying a quadrocopter, it was a baby Cheerson CX-10.
I killed him just a week after receiving it. It was decided to try again and I ordered the JJRC H20C, while planning to review it. What came of it - read on ...
Looking ahead, I will say that the second instance did not live a long life, but it did not die at all from the fall =)
* intrigue hung in the air *
In addition, the last time I came across toys on the radio control in my distant childhood, where I had a chic BTR 635 HEP from the USSR . Read More

Universal 1-din radio tape recorder ISUDAR

Welcome all! In this review we will talk about a universal headunit for a car with a 7 ”isudar retractable screen. I’ll tell you about the nuances of its connection and try to describe in detail its capabilities. I invite everyone to cat.
Relatively recently, I bought a car with my hands, it was pretty simple radio, which could only play radio and music from a flash drive. Read More

Review of purchase of the RCD-330G plus radio tape recorder

The story began with the purchase of a used car Skoda notthe newest model and not the fattest configuration, as a result of the presence in it of a button primitive, but not the worst head unit called Skoda Swing
Its capabilities are highly dependent on the configurationauto, but I have a drum, so she can only use radio and CD playback from mp3s in the database, a large enough and useless display, large buttons so that elderly owners with poor eyesight can switch radio stations without error,
Additional Information

In the options of this GU there is also an opportunityconnect external sources, the same aux and usb for flash drives, or a changer for disks, or everyone’s favorite bluetooth now, but it's a vag and here it all costs money and not the smallest, you need to give it either when buying a car, or pay later. Read More

Overview of glue gun nozzles with silicone seals - how to assemble and disassemble the device

In my practice I often use hot melt glue. He has his pros and cons. But it will not be about him. In connection with the breakdown of the glue gun, when choosing a new one, an offer was found from the seller to purchase a set (at a discount), consisting of a gun, 20 rods and three elongated nozzles. Read More

Electronic Cigarette Augvape Druga Squonker Kit

I would like to devote my hundredth review to the continuation of a short series of squonker reviews. This time I’ll tell you about a set from Augvape, consisting of a miniature Druga mechanical box and the same name drip box.
All interested invite under the cat.
Information for those who do not want to see reviews of electronic cigarettes in their feed: in the upper right corner of the page, click on "Settings". Read More

Car radio ISUDAR instead of the standard on Renault Duster

Hello! My friend decided to update the head unit in his car. We began to look for options. The option, of course, should be suitable, as a native to the interior of the car, so we chose the model of car. Fortunately, there are many options now. I present to you the head unit with all the goodies, except DSP, on android 8.0.0, with 4 GB Ram and 32 GB ROM, with a 7-inch display, and with steering wheel support. Read More

Review of the Chinese mini engraver

Today will be a review of the Chinese mini-engraver. I bought it exclusively for drilling printed circuit boards. For large and complex boards, I have a machine tool, everything turns out perfectly, but for small crafts, assembling it every time, then cleaning and disassembling is somewhat annoying. I tried to drill with a dremel, a flexible hose for a dremel, a screwdriver, I took another version of a mini-engraver for testing from a friend. Read More