Reducing the price of the central lock for cars Lb-501

Price US $ 22.62
There was a wonderful overview with an example installation
The store has 195 sales over the past 6 months, the reviews are mostly positive.
Includes 2 remote control keychain:

Characteristics from the product page:
- Output central locking current: 10A
-Coding: learning code
- Tension: 10-14 V
-Frequency: 315-433.92 MHz
-Battery: CR2016
- Pressing force - 3 kg. Read More

Lamp Sofirn SP32A in comparison with Convoy S2 +

Sofirn SP32A versus Convoy S2 +
Greetings. I will compare 2 flashlights (Sofirn SP32A - black, Convoy S2 + - metallic) and try to determine which one is more suitable for the role of a universal flashlight for every day.
For more information about what kind of flashlight shines, will be in video comparison (link at the end of the review). Read More

Snowflake multitool

Good afternoon, dear readers. I'll tell you about the Chinese trinket - a multitool in the shape of a snowflake 19 in 1. It seems to be garbage, but there is potential.
Remember, I wrote about the anchor-hook, the rope was still broken there,
Here the seller brazenly uper my review pictures, even Kotechika:

Stop tolerating it, I decided, I wrote to him about compensation for moral damage to me and my cat. Read More

Reduced price for a cheap recorder

Price from US $ 9.90 for a recorder without a memory card

Model: CU68
Display: 2.4 inch TFT display
Video: 1080 P
Language: English, French, German, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Size: 65 * 71 * 32 mm (D * Sh * V)
Installation location: suction cup front windshield
Color: black blue
Lens angle: 170 degrees
Video pixels: 1200 million pixels
Energy supply: 5V 1a
Memory Card Type: TF / SD Card

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Sweatshirt for a boy

This review is dedicated to the sweatshirt on the fur lining for the boy. Bought for $ 25, now the seller has a 20% discount.
I was looking for things for my son for spring, to run outside. There were no reviews at the time of the order for the sweatshirt, but hoping that the abundance of photos on the page was still original, and encouraged by persuasion of her son, who really liked the drawings, she decided to order. Read More

Lantern Sofirn SP31A - and again he - Sofirn

I want to offer to your court a review on the lamp Sofirn SP31A. Anyone interested is welcome under the cat.
At the time of ordering reviews on this flashlight has not yetit was, but the mail was different, and the package went to me more than a month and a half, so I apologize for re-reviewing, I hope that I can add something to those reviews that were written earlier. Read More