IP camera Xiaomi Mijia 1080P (updated version) priced at $ 28.89

Another sale from the store Xiaomi Mi Homes Store.
Xiaomi Mijia 1080P IP cameras (updated version) are sold for $ 28.89

About what kind of camera I think is not necessary to tell. There are two review pages on the page:
1. IP camera Xiaomi MiJia 1080p - one of the best home cameras on the market !!!
2. IP camera Xiaomi MiJia 1080p - one of the best home cameras on the market !!! Read More

SSD KingSpec 256 GB SATA3 mSATA

The task is to inexpensively revive the lenovo t430 on hdd. The subject was chosen as the cheapest option that I managed to find *.
* bought for 3.5tr, so the current 20% discount seems to be permanent
Manufacturer specs here... yes, yes - there is tlc and some other letters
I arrived with a track for not remembering how many days in a yellow envelope with pimples. Read More

Free Shipping Women Lady Skulls Knuckle Black Leather Duster Clutch Bag Evening Bag PU Leather Ring Clutch Bag Qbp Wholesale Q388

A review of one more handbag (or clutch) bought in the open spaces of Ali, like the previous one, did not disappoint.
She looked after her daughter, and with my consent the handbag was ordered. It was packed in several packages, but the lock, or the handle, I don’t know what to call it, was wrapped with a thick layer of polyethylene and adhesive tape. Read More

Glitters from China

A mean male review of women's bracelets from a Chinese shop.

During my next walk across the expanses of Ali, the spouse, out of the corner of her eye, drew attention to some kind of bracelet in the section “discounts-sales-liquidation”.
As a result, she decided that it was time for her to expand the range of her mini-shop and try to order some jewelry. Read More

SMART POWER BANK Case for Mobile Phone and iPad 2 iphone, MP3 / 4 Portable dual 18650 Li-Battery Box Shell

Today we will talk about the portable charger. This POWER BANK has already been reviewed, but I want to show a little more detail and give a little more information about it.
The real name of his ESER Unlimited Power Bank model EPB5600
офф.сайт www.creativepqsp.com/
The appearance of this memory is very decent. Read More

imak Case Lumia 620 mobile phone + Screen Protector

Good day)
Today I received a package with a case and a protectivefilm for Nokia Lumia 620. iMak is a Hong Kong company. For originality I can not say for sure, but it seems the original. I have to say right away, not what I expected because of my ignorance)
So, the envelope came to me for 32 days - in general, it was standard in terms. Read More