Nail clipper

On the review pocket "nogestrizhka" in the classic version, but with some dopami.


The machine is made partly of steel. Some parts of aluminum alloy, and this is the lever and end of the case, are painted in silver and varnished:

Structurally, the machine is not much different from the usual inexpensive machines.

The handle also turns over:

But on the reverse side there is a nail file, which is very convenient:

Close sponge to zero without skewing:

A remarkable feature is the presence of a sliding bar for collecting nails:

The bar moves to the blades during shearing and moves back when you need to shake out the contents:

It is very convenient to hold the device in the hands due to the rather wide parts of the body and the notch on the lever under the finger:

Using the example of one finger, the machine cut it easily, after using the built-in saw:

After that, the contents of the container is poured:

Insum. Read More

Zip-lock Plastic Bags thickness: 0.05mm (14 * 20cm) 400p / lot

Excellent packages for every little thing. Finally, I will be able to scatter a bunch of self-tapping screws remaining after the repair in separate bags, and then my own boxes fell apart and they are all in a heap.
The seller is adequate and after a small dialogue, we agreed with him that he would send me several types of packages:
14 × 20 - $ 0.05 * 200 = $ 10
10 × 15 - $ 0.03 * 200 = $ 6
7 × 10 - $ 0.01 * 200 = $ 2
6 × 8 - $ 0.01 * 200 = $ 2
Total: $ 20
Everything was very neatly packed in different bags. Read More

beige doll collar short-sleeved printed t-shirt

Good all the time of day!
After receiving a few cheap ChineseT-shirts, they decided to order T-shirts more expensive, with the hope of better quality. We ordered two T-shirts from this seller, they are completely different in style, so I decided to separate them and make two reviews.
This T-shirt cost us 12.3 USD, now the price has risen slightly, and the seller has made a paid delivery. Read More

External battery (PowerBank) AllPowers 15600

A long time ago and quite recently [1] [1] there was a review of this external battery, however, I also found something to tell and show.

Characteristics: Capacity: 15600 mAh
Input: microUSB 5V / 1A
Output: USB ports 5V / 1A + 5V / 2.1A
Appearance: Sending was carried out from the Russian warehouse, therefore the parcel was quickly delivered by courier to the door. Read More

RED & Black Bifold Synthetic PU Leather 20pcs ID Credit Card Holders Cases - CARDHOLDER for 20 pcs.

Hello. So I finally waited for one of the orders made back in the New Year "holidays"! Thing an amateur, I think. I Russified its name as follows: CREDIT (for it is necessary to cram cards into it in form, like credit cards)! You can store in it both business cards and discount cards, of which I have accumulated a lot and they are lying around wherever I go. Read More

Introduction of bluetooth and usb in the old, but alive, music center

Quite by chance, for the new year, from my sister, I got an old, but vigorous, music center Panasonic SA-PM07 with two speakers.
Additional Information

Listen to it you can radio, audio cassettes and audio CD. Due to the fact that I did not find the last two carriers of music, I had to be content with listening to the radio. Read More

Massager Shao-Lin.

Somehow, after reading reviews of the "lazy" massage, I dropped this item into the basket. March 26, he showed up with a 50% discount. Sin was not to pay. In fact, for short, while it suits ...
Initially I was interested in the massager by the absence of wires and client attachment to the outlet. Yes, and a box on the site seemed to say: you can ask me. After buying, I found additional information:
looked at the Chinese advertising: and realized what the power of the Chinese! Read More