Adidas kids sneakers

I ordered sneakers for my daughter.
Ordered from another seller , now he does not have them.
Nashchel similar at less good price.
Sneakers chose wife, I chose the seller at random - in the end I took it where there was a discount at the moment.
So they came. Track for everyone who wants to know RB016892963CN. Read More

Children's Winter Uggs

Good time of day! Little review.
Accidentally "stumbled" on children's ugg boots. Who cares please
My daughter has a foot size of 12 cm. I decided to order a little more for growth, and by the winter it will grow even on a warm sock just right (15 cm).
Got to me in 40 days. Read More

Cyclocomputer under the base sigma

Hello dear friends!
On the eve of the summer season I decided to pamper myself with a new cycling computer. In the review of the details, photos and educational program manual.
Delivery within 30 days. Packed in a bag with a pimple, the box was pretty worn, but the computer itself was not damaged.

The set included a bike computer (with battery), a base, a magnet on a needle, couplers, an instruction. Read More

Headphones FENGRU EMX500S | Beloved, the most bass heard that, I highly recommend.

Review of fantastic inserts FENGRU EMX500S. Lovers of dark sound they will like. FENGRU EMX500S costs only $ 12, they are available in three colors (clear, blue, black), the feedback on them is mostly positive. The review turned out to be emotional, it may seem obsessive, but when you really like something, you get real pleasure, why not :)
Insert Model: FENGRU DIY MX500S
Resistance: 32? Read More

Angry Birds

Greetings to all fans of online shopping. I haven't taken chess in my hands for a long time, as they say, and there was no reason. But today I took it and decided to share it, because I did not find such a review.
It will be discussed as you already understood about the "offline version" of ageless evil birds)))
Just as usual, I want the child to say, why not order it, especially the price is reasonable, I think in stores 2 times more expensive. Read More

Mortal Kombat BAMBOO vs COTTON

  • Price: $ 10.76 for a purchase of 3 pieces, regular price $ 11.96
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After reading the review I ordered 8 towels and a pair of panties.
Before that he was familiar with bamboo fiber at the socks of domestic factories from Smolensk and Irkutsk. Impressions are only positive.
Towels came in two bulk packages of 4 pieces each, each weighing 1200 grams. Read More

Children's demi-season pants of raincoat

During some kind of action children likeddemi pants. The price is very affordable, you could risk it, if it doesn’t work, it’s not a big loss. They came in 2 months, just to hike in the garden, and autumn comes, rain and mud.
They look good, a beautiful golden emblem, neatly sewn, water-repellent coating, easy to wash, light and rather warm. Read More

How much is a gaming computer chair, a review of the analog gaming DxRacer with Aliexpress and a review of the purchase

If you are tired of the reviews on the next flashlight or phone case, then I ask for a cat! Review on the "game" computer chair.
The background is such that I spend a lot of time on the computer and this has caused my back problems. Back pains motivated to change the chair to something "more comfortable"? Read More