Retroreflective stickers on the rim of a bicycle wheel

Once I saw on the Internet such stickers eitheron a car, or on a motorcycle and set on fire to make such a bike. At first I walked around the city in search of light-reflective scotch, found nothing and climbed to the Chinese. For a long time I could not understand what queries to search for, but soon he came out on the trail))
So, retroreflective stickers on the wheel rim. Read More

Swimsuit: a spectacular idea, poor performance

Having received my last replica Victoria’s Secret swimsuit, I was inspired and ordered a few more. Came one of the freshly ordered. Spectacular, handsome, but the Chinese need to tear their hands (
To begin with - a general view of the product. Front and back view. Bodice on the clasp, top - ties

The print is bright, juicy

Size L))) On volumes 88-64-90 it turned out just right, how to stick a little bigger body into this L - I can not imagine. Read More

Simple Universal Charging Colaier C40 (Lii-402)

Hello to readers and writers ...
Charging this for a long time sell, but detailed reviews on it, something is not visible ...
It is necessary to fix this case, who cares - you are welcome
Package and Box

Let the name Colaier C40 not confuse anyone - this is the most common Litokala Lii-402
Charging has 4 independent slots, each of which can charge different types of batteries in any combination. Read More

Safety glass for Amazfit Smart Watch (lot 3 pcs.)

Hello! In continuation of the topic to the smart watch, I would like to write a short review about the protective glasses for these devices.
So, in early February they came to me for a long time.Welcome to Amazfit Pace and I wondered about buying a protective glass for them. Having rummaged a bit on the Internet, I was brought to this store, which offers a variety of glasses for the Amazfit series. Read More

A simple Bluetooth speaker is Y1 (A60), compact in size with a body made under wood and autonomy for up to 12 hours.

Today we will see and listen to almost rootless, t.E. The usual Chinese nouneym column is Y1 (A60). Briefly about its features: small, compact size, nice appearance, due to imitation of a tree case (although there is no tree, of course), the ability to pair via bluetooth, via AUX cable, playback of tracks from microSD (TF) memory cards 32GB and generally quite good autonomy (up to 12 hours at an average volume level and up to 7 hours at the maximum). Read More

Alcohol mashine

Inspired by the best topic of Muska decided to order this device too, thoughts were still long ago. Of course, I wanted to build it myself, but there was no time like that.
The price was one of the lowest in Ali.
I thought the device will be bundled with the pump but not. The seller said that she did not need and he will send me a lot of instructions and videos how all this is done according to science. Read More

What eat Arduino Uno

All Arduino Uno are the same, so the text is notso much about what I got, how much about what came out of it and how to imitate the switch of a radio switch using two resistors, a capacitor and a toothpick. Those. brag and, if you're lucky, share ideas.
Together with Uno ordered: Ethernet-shield with a microSD slot (Wiznet W5100), a set of two blocks with 4 relays each, two sets of simple OOK / ASK receivers and transmitters. Read More