Ultrafire C8 Flashlight on XM-L T6 Crystal

Once I thought that I needed to drive a flashlight, from inexpensive ones, and maybe something else with a bonus.
And, because, on Kiwi a certain small amount was hanging out, I went to look for Ali on the lantern-kadenets. Looked there, looked here, the darkness of the darkness, but the choice was leaning towards C8 on T6. And then I look at the set: Ultrafire C8 XM-L T6 flashlight + rear flashing light for 5 diodes (not in review) + simple charging and 18650 battery (not in review). Read More


I present to your attention a small folding knife.
Inexpensive, moderately compact, good quality.
The knife was purchased for money, besides not for myself, so there will be no crash tests, everything is decent and without extremes.
The test at the level of domestic use is an ordinary citizen. Read More

Flashlight Sofirn SP33, 1080Lm of light and the ability to use the 26650.

I looked at this flashlight for a long time, only frightened off the large building in the photos. But I waited and not everything is so scary in fact.

It was generally long, the seller said that the order was first returned by mail. Track tracked. A month has passed and I have a flashlight. The first thing that pleased, it is not as big as it seemed in the photos. Read More

Panda doll birthday gift

In short - it is worth taking.
I wanted to present one person a soft panda,but oddly enough in local stores did not find anything like that and the prices from $ 20 for the smallest toy did not please. Searching for Ali saw this inexpensive offer from a seller without a rating, I decided to risk it because the money was small. Read More

Foldable stand for phone / tablet

Fast review of useful stuff - stand for your smartphone or tablet. Under the cut a few photos and impressions of personal experience using. In short: I could live without it, but sometimes it helps out.
I did not think much about the choice of the seller, I simply chose the option that was suitable for me according to the characteristics and price list. Read More

Flashlight Sofirn SP32a ver.2.

And another review of the updated version of the lamp from Sofirn. The form factor is quite popular, and the flashlight turned out to be quite interesting.
The rest of my reviews of some models of this company are available at the links:
Packing and equipment:

- Torch
- Lanyard
- Spare O-rings
- Clips
- Instruction
The manual has a section in Russian. Read More

Centering devices for drilling various sizes of fastener holes in the amount of 10 pieces

It has long been necessary to order these devices,because in the manufacture of various handicrafts and in the course of various minor repairs in the apartment there is a need to drill more or less accurate holes for screws in the holes of fasteners.
I did not waste time on trifles and immediately ordered a set of 10 drills. Read More