big screen boat sonar fish finder

5 ”large double-beam echo sounder and320x480 resolution, standard sonar frequency 83 kHz and 200 kHz. In general, I liked the work of the echo sounder on the water, I did not find any serious stocks. Details of work under the cut.
Actually there are plenty of photos of the echo sounder on the seller’s page and they do not differ from reality. Read More

Fake Nike Free Run 2

Good day to the community! So the day came when I decided to leave the ranks of the stealth infantry and do my first review.
I dedicate this review to inexpensive fake sneakers ala Nike Free Run 2, of which there are thousands, which are easy to find on the expanses of ali.
Before our blue-eyed parcel took ~ 37 days. such an average package came here. Read More

ASHANKS Mini Tripod Review

Today we consider a mini tripod from the manufacturer ASHANKS.
The parcel was sent by Estonian post and the delivery time to Ukraine was 14 days.

Characteristics in pictures (coincide with real measurements):

The weight of the tripod is 152 grams.
The tripod is completely made of plastic with the exception of the silver part (head). Read More

Alocs Outdoor Folding Cutlery Camping Folding Spoon 18g High Quality TW-104

The Chinese are copying Chinese goods ...
Link to the original product
Dogue and thorny was the path of a samurai Chinese spoon.

The order, if I understood everything correctly, flew through Switzerland ...
Made well, the inscription is painted, not stamped.
Only the retainer is magnetized, come from titanium,
but my copy is made from anodized aluminum. Read More

Overview and comparison of two side flu for DSLRs

Review of the flu with an additional wrist strap and comparison with the flu without a strap.
These two accessories of dubious need forI turned out to be by accident, since I first ordered one flu for testing, how it will behave in use, and then I saw a second one with a wrist strap, also a quick-detachable one and decided that it would be more convenient. Read More

Terranova handbag is 3 times cheaper than in a store

I searched the internet for a specific denim modelTerranova trousers and accidentally hit the Aliexpress page where the bag of the aforementioned brand is sold. I could not resist, I bought it - it really looks like a children's satchel with which I once went to the first grade of the school)))
Terranova is certainly not a god news what kind of company, but nevertheless they have very good things. Read More

Lightbox ASHANKS 40x40 cm

Good afternoon, dear readers. Today I’ll talk a little about the assistant photographer - lightbox. This device is for shadowless subject and macro photography.
I was hinted that it was time to improve the quality of photos in the reviews. I have an external flash, there is a fix of 50 mm, but with external light, trouble. Read More

Screen Protector for Canon 550D

Hi everyone, this is my first review. Today I would like to talk about the protective film that I ordered on Ali, for the DSLR (Canon 550D).
In a nutshell, I’ll say that I am satisfied with the order and I recommend it to everyone for a purchase.
As you can see from the track (RB318605487CN), the package is up to mereached (Ivanovo region) in just 22 days, I received it on 08/12/2013. For me it is very fast because, as a rule, parcels reach me for 40 days at best. Read More