Black pea swimsuit

Hello! I want to talk about a swimsuit with aliexpress. There is a link to it, but it seems that this seller does not have the very swimsuit. Swimsuit was tested 3 months. Nothing went wrong, not faded.
The swimsuit - very beautiful, made pretty well. The only thing - the top of the swimsuit confused me a little, as the fabric was not neatly and cumbersomely twisted. Read More

20pcs / lot, Mix Order Waist-Shaped Leather Series Auto Keyring Keychain Car Key Chain Ring Key Fob, 32 styles for Choice

Keychain for keys.
I delved into aliexpress for a long time and finally found what I wanted.
The package went 56 days, it was packed in a simplebox, the box wrinkled slightly, the contents were not damaged. The only complaint to the seller is that the address and contact details of the buyer are filled out by hand and are not very legible, the numbers are clear, and specifically the task will be taken apart. Read More

Universal soft case for 7-inch tablet.

I decided to talk about such a simple case for a tablet, which I say so accidentally took on Alishka.
He himself is very simple, externally made of softplush material, unfortunately, it seemed to me relatively easily soiled. Opening two zippers, we see the interior, made in a delicate beige color, but again minus that there are no fasteners for attaching the tablet. Read More

12pcs Car Radio Door Clip Panel Trim Dash Audio Removal Pry Tool Kit YHF-0107

This is a kit for self-tuning a car. In this case, the kit is designed to remove the casing, install / remove music and other actions.
After buying a car, somehow the question arose of installing additional equipment, a little tuning and finalizing what the manufacturer forgot to finalize, leaving this occupation to us. Read More

Bicycle helmet with a light bulb. In stock New bike split helmet with LED lights

The promised review of the helmet. Tired of riding in a cap, solid and hot. I bought it on April 18, the season has not ended yet and I already have the helmet, glory to the Russian Post [sarcasm]. A package weighing 260g came pretty crumpled

The helmet from this is not bad
Velcro guts

The tensioner is combined with a light, it shines in 3 modes - it blinks quickly, slowly, constantly on, the mode does not remember. Read More

Universal IR Remote 6 in 1 Chunghop RM-L618

Good afternoon. I want to talk about a very useful purchase that I made on Aliexpress.
The child crashed the remote control from the Sharp LCD TV and it turned out that it was impossible to buy this remote, searching by number did not give anything.
I thought about the learning remote control, I wanted to be able to teach, as well as have a set of ready-made configurations for different models. Read More

10W Super Bright CREE R5 LED Backup Light1156 S25. Lens Diodes

Hello, I decided to try to write a review, before that I was only a reader.
I was looking for lamps in reverse, I liked these, who are interested, I ask for a cat.
They were ordered on November 17th.
I wanted to get linzovannye, .tk. saw them shine.
Price is per pair.

A photo

Approximate sizes

Everything suits, the light can not be compared with the drain, and most importantly - do not blink! Read More

How to replace the shoe laces, an overview of alternative options for shoes that do not need to be tied up - a set of elastic bands, silicone, magnetic, what kind and length is suitable for hooks and where

I don’t know about you, my dear reader, but here I amI hate horror, I don’t like to tie shoelaces. All my shoes have long been translated into alternative solutions, but this winter I had to purchase boots with lacing with hooks. Since standard solutions with silicone shoelaces and magnets are not applicable to hooks, after a week of repentance, I began to look in frustrated feelings for what can be done about this. Read More