Zeepin C220 TPMS Tire Pressure and Temperature Sensor

I bought this pressure sensor at the end of 2017of the year. Received right after the new year. I thought about the review. But at first it was not possible to install them in wheels, and then somehow somehow forgot everything. I even thought not to overlook. But when I mentioned that I use such sensors in one of the sales, 10 people wrote to me in a personal request to make at least a brief overview. Read More

Multifunction Camping Shovel King Sea

A small multi-function shovel - chopping branches on a fire, digging up worms, cutting pegs is a great thing for a hike or fishing.
This time the seller did not disappoint - the received goods are fully consistent with the description and there are no complaints about the quality. Discount received for problems with previous purchase. Read More

Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone Car Kit - a low-cost speakerphone for a car

Using a mobile while driving is a dangerous businessfor themselves and others and, moreover, punishable. Having ordered a five-inch smartphone for Ali, I simultaneously ordered a wireless device for hands-free calling - Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone Car Kit.
For the impatient: a good solution for the money, but the microphone and speaker could have been better. Read More

Good Tronsmart Beam Speaker Price ($ 23.24)

Design, of course - not for everybody. Purely on the bedside table. But if only for an apartment, then there are not many options for such a price. Here the brand is not a basement (and even their elite type), and a 4000 mAh battery, and 2 * 7.5 watts of power (in the comments they write that it wheezes at the maximum - so most at the maximum are already distorted), and a night lamp as a gift . Read More

Visbella Abrasive polishing headlights.

Good day.
I decided to restore the clear eye to my car using the Chinese kit. What came of this I will tell in the review.
The car has been with me for nine years, I follow its technical condition well, but the appearance does not always have enough time and money.
After reading the reviews, watching the video, I decided that I neededto buy this kit and do it myself, mentally I was ready to have to buy new glasses on the headlight, but everything worked out ... Before that, I didn’t do anything similar myself, apart from polishing the headlights using wax polish. Read More

Spectacular costume! Retail + Free shipping, Girls fashion casual 3pcs set (coat + primer shirt + pants), Lace bowknot, gray blue, baby spring autumn clothing

Good afternoon! Yesterday this package arrived, there is no limit to joy, so I hasten to share it))) For the impatient, I will say one thing, I am delighted! For details, welcome to cat))
The parcel went to Belarus for a relatively short time, a month with a tail.
I was really looking forward to this costume, because I really liked it, but there were a lot of worries about the size and quality in general. Read More

Metal model of the Imperial battle walker AT-ST from the Star Wars universe

Friends, good day! I present another review of the assembly of a metal model from the Star Wars universe. Previously, I already reviewed the assembly of the C-3PO droid model and the C-3PO droid. This time we assemble, at first glance, a simple, but in fact - the MOST difficult of all the models in this series (at least from those 17 that I have already assembled). Read More