Stapler overview without staples

But the Chinese are able to come up with different things. A stapler without staples, like that. We go under the cut, do not be shy !!!
I bought these kids on Aliexpress website. I ordered a lot of 10 pieces. This family cost me 29.00 USD.
They arrived in a box (those with yellow tape). Read More

Support for the back in the car.

A nice looking picture in the store, suggests that it will be a wonderful support for the back, in the car seat.
Is this really so - read on.
Was purchased in November 2012, received at the end of December 2012.

This is how it looks.
Upon exiting the post office, the holder immediately tried on in the car. Read More

Pneumatic Car Hooter

The horn promised HERE by Saturday was delayed a bit due to the lack of Internet. So the review is short. Photos will be. You can take it briefly.
Recently the review was blocked by the administration, now again available. And now with a video test test.
The buzzer was originally purchased not at all for the car, but for the autonomous Country Security System as a siren, so a 12-volt model was chosen. Read More

Round tooth punch teeth

Spare, you can say replaceable teeth for a lower case punch with round teeth. The seller one lot means - 8 teeth.
Thanks to the broadest soul and generosity of the seller, I got as many as 9 teeth.

Each old punch tooth made about a thousand holes. Compared to new teeth, they are easily distinguishable. Read More

Installing the front fork lock to the bicycle handlebar - disassembling, replacing and working with RockShox Motion Control

Hello. Another bike review. This time we will focus on the remote control lock forks on the steering wheel.
For those who, due to their specifics, do not understand what they mean, I’ll explain that almost all forks above the entry level for cross-country and related disciplines are equipped with a lock function. Read More

Holster Case for JIAYU G2S

Due to the fact that it is inconvenient to wear a phone in strict trousers in the summer, I decided to purchase a holster for the JIAYU G2S.
The first negative shopping experience in China.

the holster arrived quickly - in 22 days.
When opening, there was no smell - not even artificial skin.

When picked up - a feeling of deep disappointment. Read More

Plastic car clips and caps for foreign cars - where to buy a kit and how to remove old fasteners?

I continue the topic about non-original clips for the car.
In the review there will be a small test and application of clips.
In the lot, a choice of 200/440/500/1000 pieces of clips of different types and sizes (assorted).
A set of 200 pieces costs only $ 6.22 ($ 5.82 on sale).
A useful thing from the category of "let it be in the household." Read More

One more tips for probes. We feel silicone ™ - 5

I continue to search for optimal probes for testers
Not so long ago I bought a set of Flyuk wireswithout tips, and although I had a set, but it is essentially a consumable and I decided to buy another set. Unfortunately, on a bang they are sold out (although I found on ibey, a little more expensive, until I bought it) and I had to take what I found. Read More

MJJC foam nozzle for cheap washing

Hello everyone, a small review of the foam nozzle in comparison with the complete one.
I bought a high pressure washer in a hypermarket, the sink attracted with the price and the kit. But after the first test it turned out that the complete foam nozzle does not foam at all.

In the same store there was a separate foam nozzle for 2400r, but rummaging on Ali chose a subject because of delivery from Russia, and delivery did not fail in Nizhny Novgorod, it took 2 days, the track did not track. Read More

one more terminal. addition to the review

In a previous review of similar terminals, I wrote that I mistakenly took the terminals without the tail pin. I am corrected.

appearance. above - new arrivals, with a tail, below - from the last time

crimp result

Do not magnetize, the quality is good, I recommend buying.