T12 Soldering Station

Good day!
Recently, there is a need for solderingstation, my old luske ordered to live long. I love good and practical things, so I decided to read the reviews, what people write, what they use. As it turned out, there are a lot of positive reviews on stations at T12 tips, regardless of the manufacturer. It was decided to buy and test in work.
Many advise you to buy DYI-KIT and assemble it yourself. As it turned out, it makes sense to assemble such a station only if you make a case yourself and find an unnecessary power supply for it, or if you need a station on the last chip and with the latest firmware, but you can only find one on taobao and it will cost you less. Everything else, I just was too lazy to collect it.
After a short search was foundKsger T12 station with an Oled display at an attractive price of 2300 rubles. Almost all the reviews were positive, so without hesitation I added it to the basket. I read the reviews for good reason, some buyers complained about errors during the first switching on of the station, this problem was solved by bending the contacts in the pen itself. This is how it looks:

Inside is a vibration sensor and a temperature sensor.

I did not bend the contacts, but asked the seller to replace the sting holder with this. A small minus to the seller, he asked for a little extra charge for replacing the pen. The pen turned out to be more convenient than on my old lyusky, there were no problems with errors. The base of the holder itself has a monolithic design and hard contacts, both sensors are also present, they are neatly hidden under the cambric.

Also, some customers complained thatMikrik under the regulator does not always work. Someone advised to trim the knob, I made it easier, put a piece of paper in the pen and the problem disappeared.
The first time it was turned on, calibration was required.stings. I took an old tester with a function for measuring temperature and set the temperature on it. Before that, I advise you to read the instructions, by the way it is in Russian. Calibration is required for each new tip. If you change them often, you can save the settings in memory. Surprisingly sting heat up to 300 degreesit takes about 10 seconds, and after a downtime, the station resets the temperature to 200 degrees, and then goes into sleep mode. To bring the station out of sleep mode, just take the soldering iron in your hand, there is a vibration sensor in the handle. It keeps the temperature very well, which is not surprising because the station with thermostabilization function. The Boost function will be useful to someone, it raises the tip temperature by 100 degrees and holds for some time. All station settings can be set in the menu:
1. Standbuy. Here the sting temperature is set in standby mode, the time in minutes after which the station will go into standby mode after inactivity, as well as the mode of operation of the sensor responsible for waking up.
2. Sleep. It sets the time after which the station goes into sleep mode.
3. Boost. The value by which you need to temporarily increase the temperature of the sting, as well as the time to maintain this temperature.
4. Cold end. This item is responsible for temperature correction depending on the ambient temperature.
5. Tip. Here you can select the type of sting.
6. Stepping. Step of temperature change when turning the knob.
7. Password. Here you can set a password to enter the settings menu.
8. Screen Saver. Screen saver.
9. Buzzer. A squeaker that reports that the station has warmed up to a predetermined temperature.
10. Voltage. Switch on switch off the current voltage value supplied to the tip.
11. LowVol Protect. Here you can turn on the protection and signaling about insufficient supply voltage.
12. Power On or the operating mode in which the station will load when power is applied.
13. Language. Menu language
14. Sys Info. Software version and controller board.
15. Init. I did not understand this point.
16. Exit. Everything is clear here - the way out.
Very pleased with the station, especially like fastheating, you do not need to keep the station turned on all the time or wait until the sting heats up, as it was with the old luska. Colleagues were skeptical of this station, but now they are asking to be used to carry out especially important repairs. I recommend to buy!