Soldering station Yarboly 8586 and its revision

Hello dear readers. Today, the review is an entry-level Chinese soldering station Yarboly 8586, a clone of the popular Eruntop 8586. Under the cut-down, the station is disassembled and slightly modified, since the Chinese will always save on something or cut it short. In short, the device is not bad for its price.
I decided to purchase an inexpensive soldering for myselfstation. He began to search from our Chinese comrades, drove into the search all sorts of dissonant words for our ear - Youyue, Yaogong, Eruntop. The toad strangled me fiercely, then the price was too big, then the delivery, as a result, I found an unknown brand Yarboly for an affordable price - we must take it.
Parcel bought for mine, shipping in ChinaJ-NET, Mist Express delivers to Ukraine. Sending from China first flies to Germany and then to us in Ukraine. As luck would have it, the Germans were on strike at this time, as a result the parcel arrived in 36 days, for Mist Express it was an anti-record, before that other parcels arrived in 10 days.
Order screenshot

Packed in a cardboard box, the corners are slightly wrinkled during transportation.

Inside, the soldering station is disassembled and the instructions are on sheet A4, on the one hand in Chinese and on the other in English.

The actual soldering station itself, a hairdryer and a soldering iron are connected with connectors with a clamping ring

View from all sides

900M-T Series Soldering Iron

Additional Information

Soldering iron stand with sponge for cleaning tips

Hair dryer, regular standard turbine fan dryer

Additional Information

Stand and nozzles for hair dryer (diameter 5, 7 and 10 mm)

Power cord with euro plug

Description Technical Specifications:
- Supply voltage: 220V
- Power Consumption: 700W
- Hair dryer temperature range: 100-450 ° С (stability ± 5 ° С)
- Air flow up to 120 l / min
- Soldering iron supply voltage: 26V
- Power of the heating element of the soldering iron: 50W
- Soldering iron temperature range: 200-480 ° С (stability ± 2 ° С)
- Dimensions of the soldering station (L x W x H): 150 x 102 x 140 mm.
When power is applied to the front panel, the value of the set air temperature of the hair dryer briefly lights up, immediately goes out and three dashes remain on the screen.

Since the station remains on in standby mode, you cannot completely turn off the power. Not yet, but more on that later.
If you lift the hairdryer from the stand, the fan turns on; the value of the set air temperature lights up again. By turning on the toggle switch under the flow rate controllerair heating starts. When the set temperature is reached (set by the large red buttons), a dot on the screen flashes. Having finished working with the hairdryer, putting it on a stand, it continues to drive air, the air temperature gradually drops, reaching 100 ° C. Three dashes again light up on the display, after which the hairdryer fan turns off after a few seconds.
The soldering iron is turned on by the toggle switch on the right, the handlethe required temperature is set, when the set temperature is reached, the red LED starts flashing. The display is not used when working with a soldering iron. From a cold state to a predetermined temperature, the soldering iron heats up somewhere in 50 seconds.
On the front panel, under the small rubberplugs, there are two trim resistors for calibrating the air temperature of the hair dryer and soldering iron. My temperature almost coincided, plus or minus a couple of degrees.
We disassemble the station, inside the transformer and the yellow PCB.
The first jamb of the Chinese - the transistor is very hot, which is responsible for adjusting the fan speed of the hair dryer, it is marked as TIP122 on the board (circled in red in the photo)

I found a suitable radiator, installed on a transistor

With a radiator, the transistor is barely warm.
The second jamb - the transformer is installed too close in the control board. In order to fix this, just turn the bottom on which it is mounted 180 °.
It was:

So it became, in my opinion, better:
The side holes for the screws on the bottom are symmetrical, so everything matches.
According to reviews, for many, the transformer is buzzing at work, I was lucky, it runs silently.
And finally, I installed a power switch on the back wall.

Conclusions and impressions I am satisfied with the station, performs its functions. There are minor flaws, if desired, they are easily eliminated.
All good shopping, thank you for your attention.