First backpack for Toddler

Hello everyone and good day!
I want to share with you a new review.
This time, I’m boasting a funny backpack for kids, with a claim to a la “handmade” ...
I emphasize a backpack for babies from 2 to 5 years old. For schoolchildren, this model, I think, will be small.
A search on the musk of exactly such a backpack did not give any result. Therefore, I decided on the next review.
And so, reader, who cares - go ahead!
Background to the question.


I don’t know for what reason, but at the moment, unfortunately, the goods in this store are no longer available.
And so ... they drove the pictures (I apologize for their quality, I did it with a cell phone with an unimportant camera):

First impressions

general view and dimensions in the ratio

Seams, straps and seamy side


The material, apparently, is some kind of synthetic tarpaulin - on the outside, it feels very strong and wear-resistant. Internal “lining” - pleasant to the touch, but also synthetic.
Inside there is a roomy pocket (in proportions, respectively). An extra handle is sewn at the top.
Next, the expected "Chinese"
a spoon of tar:

Photo of the happy owner:

Despite the small, but already quite familiar and expected from the Chinese prom “jamb”, a thing of its money is very much worth it! My extremely subjective resume is to take it unambiguously!
It’s a pity that this seller’s product is no longer available. If somewhere else on the expanses of “tyrnet” “Ali” such a thing comes across, I will definitely order 3 more pieces for the natives!
- original, bright design
- quality materials
- not expensive
- in general (except for a small jamb withthe strap, in relation to which I really want to think that this is still a special case, the exception of the t.s.) is qualitatively made - the seams are even, there are no threads sticking out, the zipper works, the straps, buckles are all at the level.
- a spoon of tar
- it is not clear for what reasons the label was attached on the outside, and not inside (cut off)
- the verified seller is no longer for sale ...
Think, Decide, Seek, Share!
Good health to everyone,
Thanks for attention,
Enjoy the shopping,
Have a good mood,
until new reviews !!!
For example, I found on Ali even cheaper, 9 bucks (by the way, the seller’s rating will seem to be cooler):
Here is $ 8, but the price per lot is $ 43 ^
and one more