Handheld game console, MP3, MP4 player KO W6000

Hello. I offer a description of the game console from the company KO purchased on Ali.
Parcel wandered to me for a very long time, like everything in thisyear. More than 45 days. The box arrived without much bruising. Inside were the console itself, the USB cable and headphones in a sealed bag. I must say right away that the headphones are good;


Something in the description does not correspond to reality. No FM radio, no HDMI output

They sent me a prefix in white, although the color can be chosen when ordering. The plastic is glossy, but fingerprints are not visible. Pretty weighty - weight with a 212 g battery.
In front are game buttons. Below them are mini joysticks duplicating these keys. The transparent rocker on the left duplicates the cancel or “cancel” key. The swing function on the right has not yet been determined.

On the back, we see 2 slots for the speakers (only one right is installed) and the camera eye.

From top left to right, volume keys, headphone jack, video out, the same jack supports RGB output, “select”, “ancel ”and“ start ”keys.

Below is a micro SD slot, a microphone, a stub for something (similar to the IR control window)

From the right end key on. she is “hold.”

The battery is removable. In the internet you can buy a spare.
Various screens

Screens shot on a windowsill in daylight.
Now about the games. All declared games are supported except NES. This problem was easily solved by downloading the pack for the gameboy, which contained the 100 most popular games for the Dandy. 3D arcade is nothing but the games of M.A.M.E. Games for SP1 may be somewhat slow, but not critical. You can play, especially in quests such as "Dracula." Well, gba and snes- go perfectly.
Naturally, the function keys are different in different emulators. If necessary, the keys can be reassigned.
In addition, there are the so-called Touch Game-flash games controlled via a touch screen. Apparently, these games are sewn up, because when you click on the corresponding icon 10 icons appear on various topics, in each topic there are 18 simple games. The player does not recognize files with the swf extension.

In any emulator, you can make five saves, if you need more, you can overwrite. When you save, a thumbnail of the snapshot of the save moment appears.
4.3 inches screen, as far as the consolekept pocket sizes. Pixels are not visible. Viewing angles — vertically upward by 10 degrees, the screen begins to darken, but downward and horizontally 170 degrees. The brightness is sufficient, but in daylight it is better to go into the shade. Sensitivity. You need to poke into the screen with something solid without applying any effort (you can use your fingernail), it does not respond to the fingertip.
I lost all the downloaded video without brakes, including the 2.5 GB 720P sailor suit.
The sound can be called excellent, and with good headphones, excellent. Significantly better than the onda elite tablet that I have. In which case, you can play with the linear equalizer. With the complete headphones for me, so I need to reduce the midrange.
The camera is 0.3 megapixels, you can not expect good photos. But the video shoots surprisingly well, if you look at the native screen.
Autonomy - games and video 5 hours. Given that the battery can be changed more and not necessary.
As with any player, there is a voice recorder, but the microphone sensitivity is weak. There is a stopwatch, a calendar. And already 3 screens are occupied by icons of the English-Chinese, Chinese-English dictionary.
Well, perhaps that's all. Although the review is certainly not complete.