Russian alarm STARLINE B92 DIALOG directly from the expanses of China

There has not yet been a review of this product, and therefore, it’s premiere on the channel
So! Russian car alarm made in China. The product is original, so the quality is consistent with the original.
Who thinks to take TAKE ONE. Further purchase history. a lot of photos and text under the spoilers. And also the announcement of a new review at the end.
In the summer of 2012, she began to “fail” (sorry for notliterary word) my alarm STARLINE B9 TWAGE installed on my SANTA FE since 2008. Then it was a novelty. The glitch was manifested in the fact that the right turn signal on the car spontaneously lighted up either when arming, or after some time. Searches led to the STARLINE alarm unit. One could hear the relay clicking on the right side of the signals clicking inside. An autopsy unfortunately showed nothing. (that is why there is no seal on the old block in the photo) Inside there are a bunch of microcircuits and several relays. In general, I realized that on my own I can’t bring her back to life. Who cares about the photo of the insides of the old signalization. By the way, they are almost no different from the new one.
photo of the insides

Searches in Moscow led to the fact that suchthe alarm is no longer made. I thought about buying a new kit and changing the control unit and key rings, but it wasn’t there. I found on the forums that STARLINE B92 DIALOG with minimal alterations is suitable as a replacement. In Moscow, it costs from 7,500 rubles to 10,500 rubles perMarket in the "Southern Port" of the city of Moscow. Knowing what they are doing in China, he climbed onto ALI EXPRESS. And voila, some offers to buy at a reasonable price. For reliability, I wrote a letter to the federal tech support Starline
Correspondence with those Starline support

Thus, I received confirmation that I was notwill have to jump with a tambourine around the car for connection. By the way, I found my old signalization on the site for about $ 60, but it was already fired up by buying a new one with dialogue protection, so an order was immediately placed. The seller wrote that he would send not by China post butSingapore post, arguing that it will be faster and will cost me the same for free. I was not opposed, although as it turned out later there was no difference in delivery speed. Well, maybe New Year played a cruel joke. So the order was placed on December 21, 2012, sent on December 27 and received on February 6, 2013. But alas, nothing can be done. Track Number RF100983620SG

Everything came in a cardboard box wrapped in yellow tape
Packing photos

Inside was a box with an alarm system welded in heat-shrink transparent film. The box was ABSOLUTELY not damaged during transportation and we can say that it passed the crash test of the Russian Post. And on a scale of EuroNCAP scored a maximum of 5 stars for safety for passengers inside. Alas, there is no data on injured workers from the Russian Post.
On the back of the box are listed the main protective and anti-theft modes, service functions, engine starting functions, self-diagnostics, and recommended additional modules. The proud inscription “Designed andproduced by Starline Russia. " And just below the number of patents and copyright certificates, despite the fact that the starline alarms are essentially copies of other systems (but they have their pros and cons and improvements).
PHOTO boxes

Advertising description from the official site
Additional Information

Brief Specifications
Additional Information

There is a holographic sticker on the box (as on the signaling unit itself)

Inside the box on top were installation and operating instructions, a warranty card and a user guide.
Paper piece

Below them lay two keychains. primary and backup, on a plastic mold.
Key rings

Under the plastic mold lie. wiring connections, brains alarm and antenna.

The signaling unit itself is no different from the old one, except for the appearance of another connector, but more on that later. A hologram identical to the one on the box is used as a seal.
Signal brain

The installation kit includes: (many photos)
Installation kit

Further, the actual installation.
Since I already had the STARLINE B9 systemit was easier for me, since the connection diagram was no different from the new one. Therefore, the signaling unit, antenna and key fobs were simply replaced with new ones and it worked, of course, after setting the functions in the alarm menu, and that mainly concerns autorun. I will not give connection diagrams since they are divided into small fragments and they are on the official website. I will give only a typical connection diagram:
Typical wiring diagram

Comparison of the old Starline block and the new one:
Blocks B9 and B92

As requested in the comments, I post a photo of the shock sensor board
Shock sensor

Now the conclusions. SATISFIED AS AN ELEPHANT
all the advantages are described in the section Advertising information from the site, posted above.
As a replacement, build a signalization, definitely TAKE !!!
As new, you can also take it if you have time to wait
Of the minuses:
Long wait (but worth it)
And the difficulty of connecting from scratch if you are not familiar with the car system.
In addition to this alarm, the following were purchased and installed:
Starline D10 is a vehicle tilt and movement sensor.
and Starline M21 is a multifunctional GSM system for managing starline alarms via SMS or via a mobile application from your phone.
Blocks D10 and M21 were bought in Moscow due to the fact that they are not in China and they were made in St. Petersburg (at least the manufacturer claims so), therefore I do not provide a description and installation of these blocks.
Questions on the case are welcome. I will answer as far as possible and maybe not immediately.
Now appeal to the LETTERS and GRAMMAR-NAZIS * (transcript below)
Appeal text

And now the announcement of the next review on Muska which will be tomorrow (this is if I have time tomorrow).
This is a pneumatic horn for a car. Compressor and horn in one housing. Do not literally miss the “STUNNING” premiere on our channel on Saturday night)
Photo for the seed