30W LED bulbs for cars

The lamps are very good, very bright and white light. One drawback - both burned out after a couple of weeks.
Bought davich these bulbs. The seller shipped fast enough. We walked a little over a month. Put almost immediately.
Before that, there were also LED lamps, but 5 watts (I definitely can’t say, they put it in the service a year ago, there are no signs on the lamps).
The lamps were supposed to be used as navigation lights (DRL), installed in the standard fog lights (the light from the car is very good and there were nothing tumanki)
I really liked the bulbs. Shine really bright. Bright - this does not mean that it blinds everyone around. Just in time for the navigation lights. And the color is good - almost white!
In the dark:

In the bright sun:

The time for disputes has already expired, and the seller said that it’s not necessary to use them as running gears, they say it’s written for fog lights.
To my objections that the lamps are just there and they didn’t work on the declared Long-lasting working lifes, 30,000-50,000 hrs, in response I received only silence.
With each such purchase, buying China's pranks, the desire decreases more and more. Now I put the old lamps, and I go with them.
- Nice white light
- bright enough
- very short-lived
Here is a cat