H27 LED fog lamps

Good day to all. This is my first review. I want to talk about LED lamps for fog lights in the base H27. They are installed in the car Huyndai Santa Fe New. I want to say right away that these lamps were purchased for PTF and will be used only as DRLs.
I’ll start my review with the delivery of goods. 01/28.18 paid for the order, and 29.01. it was sent from the Moscow warehouse by the transport company “007ex”, but this company transferred my order to another transport company “CSE” (the seller warned me about this possibility in a letter). Moreover, one and the other company gave a track - a number that was normally tracked. Because of this, the dispatch from Moscow was delayed for 4 days. As a result, on 09.02, the courier delivered the package to me.

The lamps are packed in a very dense box, which is difficult to squeeze, but the lower left corner is slightly wrinkled (the contents were not damaged). Outwardly it looks gorgeous and expensive.

The box closes due to magnets located at the end.

Let's move on to the lamps themselves. There are 3 LEDs on both sides, when compared with a halogen lamp, the filament is at the level of the middle LED. The lamp housing is made of plastic, an aluminum radiator (without fan) is located inside to remove heat. Complete with lamps there is a hex wrench and 2 additional screws for adjusting the light beam.

Using the key, loosen the screw on the lamp and itcan rotate around its axis, which leads to a change in the cut-off line of the headlamp. I must say right away that the lamps from the factory are already properly adjusted, when the lamp is turned 90 degrees, the light beam dropped lower than that of a halogen lamp. Compared to old lamps, STG has not changed.

There was one problem installing a new lampit does not have a locking recess in the mounting plastic, because of this the LED lamp rotates freely in the headlight without being fixed tightly, so any sense in adjusting the lamp with the help of a complete key is lost.

But I got out of the situation by adding another rubber washer, which I removed from the old lamp. Now the new lamp sits tight and does not turn. I hope the manufacturer will pay attention to this and fix it in the following batches.
The light from the lamps is pure white, I really liked it, the lighting of the road has become wider (you can better see the curb).

So with the dipped beam. In the dipped headlight is a lens and Osram halogen lamp.

I took them for fog lights and use as DRL. I definitely liked the lamps, I recommend it for purchase, but it’s for PTF, as the manufacturer recommends.
A few photos of how the car looks.